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Here’s the World’s Most Expensive Cigar (About $1,000) — and Guess Who Likes to Smoke Them

“The world’s most expensive cigar.”

That’s how Gurkha Chief Executive Officer Kaizad Hansotia explains his HMR reserve. And at $25,000 for a box, he says that averages out to about $1,000 a stogie. How’s demand? He says there’s a three year waiting list. Those who love them include actor Matthew McConaughey and the very broke former President Bill Clinton.

Hansotia told Bloomberg News recently that he expects a slight increase in price soon, when a box will go for $30,000. It’s made from 18-year-old tobacco and soaked in the most expensive cognac.

Watch the video below to see the pricey cigars as well as a look inside the factory: